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How to make your first Instagram post

Embrace Instagram for Sales Success

Whether you’re an Instagram expert or a novice, a few simple tips can help you create posts with ease and boost your profile. We’ll start at the beginning for those of you new to the popular platform. But even if you’re a regular, we have some advice that can help you generate more sales for your clients. We’ve developed this guideline just for land brokers and real estate agents to help you get started on your way to becoming an Instagram sensation. It’s easy. Let’s make an Instagram post.

First, the Basics

Instagram makes it very simple to post onto their platform. At the bottom of the Instagram app, there is a toolbar that provides a range of options to navigate the app. From left to right:

  1. House Icon – The house icon showcases what Instagram calls your “feed.” The feed displays posts from the accounts that you follow.
  2. Magnifying Glass Icon – The magnifying glass takes you to the explore page. The explore page allows you to search for specific users and see posts that Instagram recommends based on the accounts you currently follow.
  3. Plus Sign Icon – We’ll focus on the plus sign in this article. It’s what allows you to add new posts to your Instagram profile. New — and frequent — posts are key.
  4. Heart Icon – The heart icon shows the recent activity on your account such as new followers, comments, and likes. The more hearts the better!
  5. Profile Icon – Lastly, the icon with your profile picture is your profile page where all of your posts are displayed in little squares on a grid.

Let’s Make an Instagram Post

Selecting your Image/Video

When selecting the media to post to your Instagram profile there are a couple of options. Instagram allows you to post both images and videos. Let’s talk about images first.


Instagram allows the user to upload up to 10 images per post. Choosing multiple images is a great way for land brokers to show a variety of images for a featured listing. But if you only have one photo, don’t worry. A single image is a terrific way to emphasize a property. When selecting a signature image for your property, think about how it will look on the VERY small screen. Most people follow Instagram on their phones, so edit with an eye toward clean, uncluttered images with a single, central focus. For example, landscapes are a  good choice. A landscape with a flowing creek in the foreground is better. But a landscape with a flowing creek and cows and someone fly fishing on the bank of that bubbling creek might be too much.

  1. Click the plus sign at the bottom of the app.
  2. Then select a photo from your photo album that you would like to post.
  3. After selecting your photo, if you would like to create a post with more than one photo click the icon that says “select multiple.”
Instagram profile
Instagram post


To create a video post, select the video in your photo album the same way you would a single image. Videos are limited to 1 minute, but the posting process is the same as posting a single image. (See step by step instructions above). As with still images, edit your video ruthlessly. A minute is both not much time to showcase a property and a long time for someone to watch. Think movie trailer. Showcase the best bits. Aerials shot with a drone are a great way to introduce a ranch and are fun for your followers to watch.

Write a caption

Keep it concise. Captions can be informative, witty, or even entertaining depending on the goal for that specific post, but they should always be SHORT. New listings and land posts typically reflect a more informative tone. A behind-the-scenes post can be less formal with a bit of humor, but always keep it G rated and avoid allusions to politics and other tricky topics. You wouldn’t think we’d have to say this, but we do. Don’t ever post anything you wouldn’t want to see on a billboard or defend in court. It’s a good idea to have someone read a post before you push the button, and always check your work for typos.

How to make an Instagram post

Emojis are social media spice — a great way to get attention and add a bit of zing but not to be overused. Try limiting yourself to no more than three emojis per post so that the symbols don’t clutter the copy. One exception to this is if you are using emojis as bullet points to list a property’s features as shown below.

Spring Break Activities:

? Explore

⛷ Ski

❄️ Snow Shoe

? Nordic Ski

? Fly Fish

? Snow Mobile

? Experience History

? Home

What are hashtags?

You’ve seen them everywhere–a pound sign followed by a word or two. But what purpose do they serve?  In the Instagram world, hashtags are a great way to boost your post and have it “discovered” by people who don’t follow you. In your niche, there are specific hashtags to connect you with others who are also interested in your field of work. Instagram has a new feature where you can follow hashtags that are relevant to your market such as #landbroker or #realestate.

Hashtags can be used at the end of your caption. We recommend using 10-15 hashtags per post so that you receive optimal exposure.

Here is a list of hashtags that we believe are most relevant to land brokers. You can mix up this list depending on the post and what hashtags you feel would best suit the subject.

#landbroker #landbrokerage #realestate #ranchbroker #land #farmlife #ranching #justranchin #rancher #ontheranch #horses # ranchforsale #landforsale #outdoorlifestyle #cabin #mountainhomes #ranchland #landbrokercoop #ranchrealestateagent #wildlife #ranches #hunting #ranchrealtor #farmforsale #inrealestate #fishing #huntinglandforsale #lakeproperty #huntingland #landleader #farmandranchrealestate

How to make an Instagram post
How to make an Instagram post


Instagram is truly instant and ubiquitous. Once you’ve got the hang of it — and remember, it’s easy — posting can be quite fun and lucrative. Become a follower and learn from the Instagram stars in real estate, the outdoors, retail, the arts, and any other field that interests you. You’ll quickly pick up a rhythm of your own and learn what works for you and your audience, as you boost your company’s profile and the properties you sell in Instagram posts.

Learn more about growing your audience with the strong foundation of a land broker website. Now with Property Feeds from REALSTACK

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Additionally, REALSTACK has been named the official feed partner of Farm and Ranch. clients who wish to enter their listing only once can sign up with REALSTACK for full listing management and feeds. REALSTACK can feed listings to any land brokerage advertising website, including Farm and Ranch.  REALSTACK will accept feeds from other systems and get your properties on with no additional effort or data entry required!

“With the rollout of the completely redesigned, we saw a number of our clients who wanted their properties automatically added to the new Farm & Ranch website. The new website, the current brand in the land industry, and F&R’s growth are attractive and encouraged us to build an integration,” said Chad Polk, REALSTACK Founder.  “We are very excited to add F&R to our growing list of integration partners for our clients.”

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REALSTACK Feeds to Luxury Ranch Real Estate

Luxury Ranch Real Estate

9/27/2019 (DALLAS, TX) – REALSTACK is pleased to announce its newest addition to feed partner integrations, Luxury Ranch Real Estate.

Luxury Ranch Real Estate is the exclusive “boutique” site listing only million-dollar ranch properties. This exclusive network specializes in ranches for sale including, land, ranch estates, working and recreational ranches, fly fishing, equestrian, working agricultural farms and livestock properties. REALSTACK clients can now automatically feed listings to without duplicate entry of properties into another system. recently launched a new website featuring large photos, well-articulated property details, property videos, and lead capture forms.

Luxury Ranch Real Estate


REALSTACK’s LandSync feature is a robust and easy to use feed system that enables brokerages to place listings on multiple sites with just one entry. REALSTACK takes that initial brokerage listing and places it on various land industry online advertising websites.  LandSync has become well known in the land industry because of its reliability and “just works” reputation. LandSync prevents broken feeds and ensures that listings are posted reliably on third-party websites.

Not only is the REALSTACK LandSync system stable, but we also monitor our feeds throughout the day, every day, to ensure that client listing information is properly formatted and that brokerage listings get maximum exposure.

Luxury Ranch Real Estate has been a high-end brand in the land industry for a long time. Adding them to our growing list of integrations was a no brainer for our clients,” commented REALSTACK Founder, Chad Polk.  “They provide excellent exposure to properties over $1M and we want to make it easy for our clients to reach the largest audience for their properties.”

To learn how Luxury Ranch Real Estate can give your properties more exposure, visit their website at or call (470) 306.3311.

Luxury Ranch Real Estate

VIDEO: Land Websites Demo

Need to get your advanced questions answered?  Contact us online or call (972) 471-1424.

Video transcript:

REALSTACK brings you a powerful land broker website system for land pros to take your online presence to the next level.

We’ll run through a number of key features that have been very popular among our land broker clients.

So what you are seeing now is Ranchman Properties. They wanted to build a brand in the marketplace and came to use to build that brand through their website. We custom designed this site and brand standard for them.

Starting at the top with the homepage slider area …we can apply anything in the slider area …namely background video, single photo, multiple sliding photos, etc. You see the navigation of this land broker website has various “collections” which we’ll define here shortly and even review our all properties map view.

Let’s scroll down this homepage.

First you’ll see a search bar that has robust yet easy to use. In the text box you can basically search for anything about your listings except for the description …then we have acreage range and price range criteria, and ultimately search by listing types.

For this particular brokerage, they wanted to showcase their team which has been growing recently so we gave this section premium placement on the homepage. An important feature to note is the individual team member profile pages that are linked to each of these. I’ll explore the team member profile pages in more details later in the demo.

Next section again displays “collections” which I referenced earlier. A listing collection is any grouping of listings based on whatever criteria you need. Most common collections are by listing types which you see here, by county or multiple counties, acreage range, and price range. Lately many of our clients are creating collections for unique attributes of a property such as fly-fishing properties, deer hunting land, elk hunting, waterfowl properties, regions or areas, borders public land, and even residential developments with many lots available. Really there is no limit to creating collections of listings in REALSTACK.

Moving further down, you can have whatever you want in sections of the homepage depending on how you position your brokerage. This brokerage wanted premium placement of their instagram stream which you see integrated here.

Next we have a high marketing funnel conversion form. Meaning it is a general contact form such as for first time outreach by a website visitor. Important to note at this time, REALSTACK comes out of the box with 9 lead conversion forms. Very important to us that your land broker website converts leads to help build your email marketing list and eventually qualified prospects. Some of those conversion forms are contact agent, contact us, brochure download, sell with us, buy with us, schedule showing, and more.
You can see here again more collections: properties by the top 5 counties for this brokerage, by type, acreage ranges, and price ranges. The price and acreage ranges are all customizable ….you can define the increments however you want. Again, our new collections systems is just about infinite in how you can group listings. Very versatile feature.

Then you can see some additional branding and styling plus the footer of the website.

Let’s get into the property listings. This is just a nice clean property list layout.

The search box across the top acts as a filter meaning as you type or select criteria the list of properties updates. Commonly referred to as intelligent type. Really top notch user experience and it is super fast!

One other important aspect to point out is the Brochure button here. This will take us to the brochure download landing page for this property. One of the ways REALSTACK helps you get more leads. Let’s take a quick look at brochure download; again one of our standard lead conversion forms for all our clients. You can capture their first name, last name, and email address in order for them to download your premium content brochure.

Let’s go ahead and click to view the listing detail web page.

First off, when there is a video for a property we’ll show that first in the photo gallery. It is the best marketing asset you have for a property so we wanted it to have premium placement.

The photo gallery viewer is pretty smooth. You can slide through the thumbnails without having to reload the big main image, flip through large images with click or arrow keys. As you click on the main photo it will enlarge to full screen which is really nice. The bigger the photos for your website visitors the better right? And in full screen mode you still have all the mouse and arrow functionality to flip through photos. Also notable, this photo viewer works excellent on mobile devices in regular or full screen mode and has full mobile interactive features such as swipe and zoom.

Next up you see these buttons for maps. If you upload PDF versions of your maps these buttons will dynamically appear and upon click they instantly have the PDF for the visitors own review on their computer. Again, there is that brochure download opportunity to get leads. When a lead converts through your website it will automatically get stored in REALSTACK and associated with that property.

You’ll see the standard detail information here. Even the phone number is display with click-to-call functionality. Click to contact will take you to the listing agent contact form on this page. Another lead conversion opportunity!

Scrolling on you’ll see the description which we have a description editor with in REALSTACK where you can format and style your descriptions as you see fit.


We integrate with the industry map providers and display the interactive map on listings as well.

The final main section of the listing detail screen is contact broker or listing rep. Again when this form is filled out, it will automatically store it in the users realstack account, associate it to this listing, and send an email notification to your listing rep.

We are going to switch gears now and take you to Legendary Land out of Oklahoma. We have a really awesome new feature called MapView. It is an aerial map view of all your properties. Once you load your listings into realstack they will automatically appear on this map without you doing any additional steps. Some of the cool things about the REALSTACK MapView is we display the county and state boundaries, major roads and highways, clusters for close proximity listings …as I zoom in I can drag the map however I want. At certain zoom levels the clusters break out into map pins. Then you start to see the property boundaries begin to display ….really impressive and super insightful for your website visitors.

Works very well on a mobile device too with pinch zoom in and out, dragging map around, and more.

So you can see a lot of properties in a geographic area in a very short amount of time if you are a prospective buyer looking on your website. As you click any map pin for pop-up info and photo of the listing.

Let’s flip back to Ranchman Properties …

We can do all kinds of creative idea options on your secondary web pages. For example for this client we did a video library of all their property videos on one page. Super helpful with chasing a prospective seller to be able to show them the level of videos and marketing you could do for their property.

Additionally we did a sell with us and buy with us section on this website that includes lead conversion forms.

Let’s bounce over to the About Us section because it is important to show team member profile pages.

Individual team members can have their own profile page. This is important when it comes to credibility, SEO for Google, and more.

I’ll click on the Ben Clark profile link and go to his profile page. Some notables for SEO is his first and last name in the URL, as the title of the page, and now down here in the body of the web page. These are important for search rankings for your team members name on Google.

Each individual team member has his or her own conversion form which will again save into their realstack account and alert them via email notification. As you continue to scroll down you’ll see all of Ben’s properties listed here.

Then we’ll just do a quick view of the contact web page.


Pretty cool product we’ve built for land brokerages. Finally a land broker website that delivers big brokerage features to any size land brokerage and helps you build your business for not only you but your agents as well.

We know you’ll have more great ideas for your land broker website so request a demo at and speak with one of our marketing consultants.

If you are watching this on YouTube please leave a comment down below and give it a thumbs up!

Land Broker SEO 101 : How to Optimize a Web Page like a Pro

Land broker SEO (Search engine optimization) is not rocket science but it’s not a walk in the park either. It requires constant monitoring, lots of leg work, and keeping up with current trends among others.

This land broker SEO 101 article will cover optimizing just one page of your site. After reading and applying what you’ll learn in this article your page will have a better chance in appearing on Google search results.

For the sake of this article we will be optimizing the homepage of, a brokerage website offering ranch properties for sale in and near Denton, Texas.

Selecting your Keywords

Probably the most important step in optimizing a page is choosing the right keyword. Optimizing for the wrong keyword could lead to low conversions or low traffic and thus wasted effort.
Before proceeding to the actual keyword research, have a list of “common sense” keywords that would act as your starting point. Below are some pointers on creating this list:

Avoid industry jargon/lingo. You may know what valuation means but your potential client may not.
Put yourself in your client’s shoes and ask yourself: what would I search for if I am looking for properties in my area?
Avoid keywords that are too broad and focus on keywords that are specific to your land brokerage, listing types, and geographic area. For example, it’s tempting to target “texas ranches for sale” however it may be better to target “austin texas ranches for sale”.

Applying this to our sample page, the common sense keywords we have now are:

  • Denton ranches
  • Denton ranches for sale
  • Ranches for sale in Denton
  • Ranches in Denton

Once you have your initial list of keywords ready, it’s time to find out if people are actually searching for them and what the competition looks like.

For this step there are a number of tools you can use such as SEMRush and Moz, both offer free limited use but are ultimately paid.

Another much more accessible option is Google Ads’ Keyword Planner. You need to have a Google Ads account to use it though (you don’t have to be an actual paying advertiser to have an account) but you can use it as many times as you want.

Inside Keyword Planner, choose “Find new keywords” and enter the keywords in your list:

The next page will be a list of not only your seed keywords but also related keywords along with their monthly search volume and competition level. You can export the list or just work on it from the planner.

From here you can now choose the best keywords for your page. The keywords you would want to consider are those with high (or decent enough) search volume and low competition.

However you should also put into heavy consideration the relevance of the keyword to your land brokerage web page. For example we won’t choose “horse property for sale in denton texas” since this particular page does not offer horse properties.

With all of that we finally have the following keywords:

  • Denton ranches
  • Denton ranches for sale
  • ranches in denton

A page should be optimize for one to three keywords at most. As much as possible, the keywords should be as closely related to one another as possible. This land broker SEO 101, we’d recommend optimizing a web page for just one keyword.

Optimizing your Page Title

Land Broker SEO 101A Page Title is one of the most influential on-page SEO factors that you can control directly. It essentially tells search engines the topic of a page, thus it is vital to mention your keyword phrase here.

The Page Title will also appear in search results along with a description of your page making it important for it to be written to entice click-throughs as well.

With those in mind, the following are best practices when creating your Page Title:

  • Don’t spam your Page Title with keywords. The main or primary keyword is what is important, and there would be more opportunities to optimize for other keywords later.
  • Make it sound natural. This goes hand-in-hand with the first point. The more spammy your Page Title is the more unnatural it will sound and look especially on search result pages
  • Aim for 60 to 65 characters (with spaces) to maximize space in search results
  • Do away with branding if needed

Here now is our Page Title:

Denton Ranches for Sale – Ranchman Properties – Keller Williams

Notice we mentioned two of our target keywords: “Denton ranches” and “Denton ranches for sale”. Notice as well that we didn’t force a third keyword since that would read spammy. We added branding to extend the character count to the limit mentioned above.

Optimizing your META Description

Even though the META Description is not a ranking factor anymore, optimizing it still has some value. For one, it appears on search result pages along with your Page Title, thus it is an opportunity for you to entice users to click on your page.

Also if the user’s query is mentioned in your META Description it will be bolded making it stand out more on Google’s search result.

Almost the same best practices for Page Title applies when writing your META Description:

  • Don’t spam with keywords
  • Make it sound natural and written for people not search engines
  • Aim for 130 to 160 characters

Optimizing your Page Headings

The headings or H tags of a page further signals the topic or theme of the page. Imagine you are writing an outline and the H tags are the sections of the outline. Keywords ideally should then be mentioned.

The most important of all the H tags is the H1 which should be the main headline of your “outline” (i.e. web page). The main or primary keyword should be mentioned here.

The sub-headlines can then be H2 and H3 depending on your content.

Finally, don’t use H tags for styling purposes. Often times H tags are used to achieve styles or designs in place of CSS or even span.

Optimizing Images

Making sure your images are optimized is especially important for land brokerage websites since it will help listings appear on image results. It will also add to the relevance of the keywords to the page.

Understand that search crawlers read all the code of the web page …even the images (file names and alt text). So, aligning your images on the page with the target keyword phrase for this web page can be key in land broker SEO 101 for on-page optimization. We’ll explain …

First make sure the filename of your image is short, descriptive, and if possible the same or similar to your target keyword phrase for the page. Instead of DSC_01291.jpg rename it to denton-ranch-for-sale-001.jpg instead. If you can rename the image to the target keyword phrase for the page, it is better but not required.

The ALT attribute of an image is meant to be displayed if the image can’t be loaded however it is room for optimization as well. Same with filenames, make sure to be concise and also actually describe the image. When possible use your target keyword phrase in the image alt text IF it aligns with what the image actually is.

As with everything do not spam or overdo the optimization.

Linking to External Sites

Linking your page to external or other websites is neither good nor bad. It depends on your page and its purpose. When optimizing a homepage of core page, we don’t recommend linking to external sites or content. On the contrary, if we are optimizing a blog article then two or three outbound links can be good. Keep in mind, too many outbound links or linking to low quality websites will have a negative impact on this web page and your overall website authority.

If you are to reference another website, make sure it is reputable, has solid domain authority or authoritative such as .GOVs, .EDUs, and similar.

Also as much as possible don’t link from the first few paragraphs of your page as this would risk users clicking and leaving your site. As land brokers you work hard to get quality visitors to your website and last thing you want to do is invite them to leave by clicking an outbound link.

Internal Linking

Now that your page is optimized, it’s time to give it some link equity. This means linking from other pages using your target keywords or variation of it as anchor text.

First thing to check is your navigation and footer links. Assuming that your page is important enough then it should be linked from these sections.

Next is to go over your secondary web pages or key pages and determine if you can link from them to your optimized page. If you can tweak existing content to match your target keyword phrase then that would be better.

For example, if your brokerage About Us web page mentions your keyword phrase “Denton ranches for sale” or a sentence that can be modified to include this target phrase and remain a natural read, then you can place a link on this phrase. In the code it will look like this:

<a title=””Denton” href=””””>Denton ranches for sale</a>

Did you catch the attribute “title” in the code just above? Just like image alt text, links can have a title attribute that search crawlers will read. Is it required? No, but it is yet another signal you can give search crawlers to explicitly let them know what the linked page is about.

By creating internal links to this optimized web page, it makes it easy for search crawlers to discover the importance of the web page and easily determine what the destination web page is about in order to potentially list it on Google search results.

Wrapping Up Land Broker SEO 101 : On-page Optimization

With this, your page should be primed and ready for the extremely competitive land broker SEO. Note that this is just the start though and it was only one web page. It is recommended you do this for all your web pages or at least the main pages. Additionally, there are numerous other aspects of SEO such as link building, local search, schema markups, length of content, and many others.

So if you’d like to start by optimizing one web page, the simple steps are:

  1. Consider, research and select a keyword phrase you can rank for.
  2. Optimize the page title to include your target keyword phrase.
  3. Write your META description for users and include the target keyword phrase.
  4. Use your keyword phrase target in the page heading.
  5. Work to include the target phrase in the image file name and ALT text if possible, otherwise name the image what it is.
  6. Limit external links on primary web pages, but carefully chosen external links are natural and can have some value.
  7. Create internal links on other web pages within your site to this newly optimized page using the keyword phrase target as the anchor text.

If you’d like to learn more about full on-site optimization of your land brokerage website, connect with one of the SEO team members at REALSTACK.  Contact us.

Oh and if you’d like to visit our example brokerage, check out their Denton ranches for sale at

Land Broker SEO 101

A Beginner’s Guide to Google My Business for Land Brokers

With Google’s ever-increasing preference to show its own controlled web properties on search results, having a Google My Business (GMB) listing nowadays is as important as having a website. That makes maintaining and optimizing it as important as well.

Not only does a GMB listing act as an extra web property on search result pages, more importantly it shows up for branded searches (searches related to your name, company name, or brand). This offer users quick information about you and several call-to-actions aimed at converting users to a lead.

Having a GMB listing will also improve your chances of appearing on local pack results.

Fortunately getting started with and optimizing your GMB listing is quite easy. Below are just some tips. This article assumes you have already either claimed your GMB profile or have setup one up.

1. Make sure information is accurate

Take extra care to ensure that every piece of information is accurate, especially your address and phone number. Keep in mind that users will rely on your GMB listing to contact you, go to your website, or visit your location. Inaccuracies will likely mean lost leads.

It is very important to have the exact same name, address, and phone number (NAP) has you provide on your website. Google can detect the NAP character for character and match up your business based on NAP with your other web properties (your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, online directories, etc).

If you change your location or phone number don’t forget to update our GMB listing as well.

2. Put as much information as you can

Google My BusinessGMB allows you to enter various info about your business. As much as you can, fill up every field as this can help your listing perform better to appear in search and user engagement.
Category, for example, will help your listing appear for relevant search queries.

Google My BusinessAnother key area is the business description. Although it accepts up to 750 characters, only about 245 characters will appear on load of search results without searchers clicking on the “read more” link. So make sure to be concise and mention key phrases early such as areas you service or if you specialize on certain property types.

3. Set hours of operation

To set user expectations, and also to avoid getting calls at 10 in the evening, it is best to set your hours of operation. In this section you can also define your workdays.

Google My Business

4. Appointment link

Another great conversion point that GMB offers is the appointment link. This can be pointed to your Contact page of your website or other land page.

Keep in mind that users that will click on this link are ready to talk business so it would be best to link it to a clear, simple page with your contact information or form.

Google My Business

5. Upload your best photos

Although you can upload as many photos as you want, it would be best to just pick those that represents your business best.

Some photo ideas to consider:

  • Your office including an exterior photo, your lobby, and other interesting areas.
  • Your team of brokers, agents, and staff
  • Recent notable property listings
  • Epic ranch photos

Also upload or pick a photo that would best suite as a Cover photo, profile photo, and logo which would be used to brand your GMB listing.

6. Ask for reviews from previous clients

Unlike restaurants, shopping centers, and other ultra popular businesses, reviews are harder to come by in the ranch real estate industry so make each one count.  A quick email or private message asking previous clients to leave a review will go a long way. It will be good to mention to them how easy it is to leave a review.

Google My Business

One helpful tip to get more reviews is make it easy for clients to provide the review by giving them a direct link. In the Google My Business Help article it provides steps to generate a simple URL that clients can click to give you a review.

7. Reply to reviews if needed

Google My BusinessYou don’t need to reply to all reviews but it would look good on your GMB listing if users see that you are active.

If someone leaves a positive review, do your best to highlight your experience with that client.

In case you do get a review with even just a hint of negativity, reply professionally to address the issue and provide resolution.

Blank one star reviews are a nuisance and can pull down ratings. Instead of leaving it as is, at the very least leave a reply asking for more information.

8. Answer Q and A’s

Users can ask questions about your business which anyone can answer. Get on top of this quickly to make sure that it is addressed correctly and again to show that you are active.

9. Google My Business post

Google My BusinessThis a relatively new feature introduced by Google wherein, similar to Facebook and Twitter, you can now post “updates” about your business. These posts will appear with your GMB listing and can be used to further help convert searchers.

There are several forms to choose from all of which can be linked to any of your pages thus making this a great place for advertisements or promotions.

A post expires after 7 days though so remember to update frequently. If you create a Google Business Site, it will appear on there indefinitely though. A Google Business Site is another good opportunity to create a business web property that can help your SEO. The REALSTACK SEO team can help you with that if interested.

10. Google My Business Insights

GMB Insights has dramatically improved in recent years and now includes powerful “Insights” which are reports. These power packed reports give your brokerage great visibility into the importance of ranking on Google for both your branded keyword phrases and market defining phrases.

Insights are broken down into 3 categories of reports and include the following:
Category 1 : Acquire

  • How customers search your business – displays both direct searches for your business and other market keyword searches.
  • Queries used to find your business – Google can literally tell you the exact phrases used to find your business or that your GMB profile ranks for.
  • Where customers view your business on Google – this report can provide customer visits to Listings on Search vs Listings on Maps.

Google My BusinessGoogle My Business

Category 2 : Engage

  • Customer actions – Google shows an interesting chart to demonstrate the most common actions that customers take on your GMB listing such as visit your website, request directions, or call you. Good information to know.
  • Directions requests – for most land brokerages this may not be a big number, but it implies the importance of having a solid GMB profile when it is needed by a prospective customer.
  • Phone calls – good bar chart to show when and how many times customers call your brokerage.

Google My Business

Category 3 : Compare

  • Photo views – The number of times your business photos have been viewed, compared to photos of other businesses like yours. Make sure to upload your own photos to GMB!
  • Photo quantity – not the most powerful chart, but good to visualize the number of photos that appear on your business, compared to photos from other businesses.

Google My Business is very easy to setup and configure.  It can be an important web property for your land brokerage and also make you look stronger online.  Get started by visiting their website.

If you’d like help with GMB or search engine optimization, contact our great marketing team at REALSTACK.  We know land marketing and love helping brokerages!

LandFlip Now Added to REALSTACK LandSync Feeds

LANDFLIP NETWORKThe ever expanding REALSTACK platform has now added LANDFLIP and its network of land websites to LandSync, our system to feed land brokerage listings to any online advertising website automatically.  With automated listing feeds to online classified websites, land brokerages can input their listings once and then have those completed listings synchronized with their accounts with online land websites such as LandFlip.

LandFlip is the host to a number of powerful sites within their network, including:

In 2003, LANDFLIP was founded by Ryan Folk in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ryan was a successful real estate broker with experience in software sales and consulting, and with the demand to create an alternative to traditional print media he launched  It soon became his main marketing channel of his own listings and even more so for other brokerages in the region.  In the early years Ryan was able to bring on a partner, Tate Reddick, who together they have grown the LANDFLIP network to be one of the most popular land marketing platforms in the industry.  In recent years, they have rebranded as the LANDFLIP NETWORK and is now managed by former land brokers and boasts one of the largest sources of land listings, land buyers, and land professionals from across the nation.

“We couldn’t be more excited to add the LANDFLIP NETWORK to our growing list of integrations with REALSTACK,” commented REALSTACK Founder, Chad Polk.  “They run a great business with solid results for our clients so it was a no-brainer.”

REALSTACK is now a LANDFLIP marketing partner:

Latest Print Ad Designs for Land Brokerages

Not only have we been hard at work on software here at REALSTACK, but we’ve also been building stunning print ad designs for land brokerages. Print advertising is a staple in the marketing mix for land brokerages across the United States and they don’t come cheap. When land brokerages chose to do print ads they better have the chops to design a killer ad that is meant to impress and drive leads. Land brokerages call on REALSTACK for just that … print ad designs that impress potential leads to pick up the phone.

Print Design for Land BrokeragesOne of our latest print ad designs for land brokerages is with Hortenstine Ranch Company in Dallas, Texas. We handle all the digital and print marketing for HRC. The latest is one of our favorites to be published in The Land Report this Winter 2016. Click image to view full ad.

Notables from the ad:

  1. Headliner ranch property.  In this ad we had a clear alpha listing …550 acre lake on 1,800 acre.  We made it front and center with an attention grabbing aerial photo of the massive lake.  Now that we had their attention …
  2. Confidence badge.  Maybe this is a new term to land brokers, but confidence badge(s) have been used for years by marketers to associate their business or product with already established brands, awards, or accolades.  In this case, The Land Report Best Brokerages award is a highly distinguished list to be on as a land brokerage.
  3. Water.  Clearly a critical attribute to any property is water and it sells very well in the market.  We provided a gallery of listings with great water for ag use, recreational, livestock, fish habitat, and overall visual appeal.
  4. Limited listing information.  Figuratively speaking, you have limited space on any print advertisement.  Telling the full story or even a paragraph highlighting attributes of the property is overkill.  The point is to get the phone to ring.  So we advised to less text, information, or highlights and if a lead is interested they will certainly pick up the phone.
  5. Whitespace.  You’ve probably seen excellent print advertisements and subconsciously thought how great that design looks.  Apple is one of the best designers of whitespace.  Often times designers use whitespace to create simplicity and focus.  Too much information and imagery overload simply causes prospects to flip the page and move on.  Too much to digest or consider.
  6. Website URL.  We used a tasteful font size that fit the design and different color from the rest of the ad, so we were sure that viewers would see the brokerage website URL.  If they are not motivated enough to call, then we certainly want them to go online for more information where we have a rockin website that captures lead email addresses …but that is another article.
  7. Color Palette.  So often we see land brokerages that are not true to their brand or don’t really know what their brand colors are.  In the case of this ad, we certainly made sure the colors used matched HRC design guidelines exactly.

The objectives of the ad was market top shelf properties, position the Hortenstine brand in the market as a high end brokerage firm, and get new visitors to their website.  This ad accomplished all three objectives.

Hopefully we have given you points to consider for your next big spend on print advertising for land brokerage.  Print design is very daunting when considering the amount of dollars your are about to invest.  And invest is the keyword.  An investment is an outlay of cash where you expect some return on those dollars in the future.  Yes, you should expect some return on print advertising for land brokerages.

View more designs and digital marketing works from REALSTACK here:

Simple Photo Editors for Ranch Land Marketing

We’ve all heard the cliche – a picture tells a thousand words. And when it comes to selling majestic large ranches or turn-key ranchettes, you have to nail the photography. So we at REALSTACK wanted to share with you 2 awesome – and SIMPLE – tools that anyone can use to make your ranch land marketing photos look like a fit for the front cover of Open Fences Magazine.

Think about all the places your photos go these days …brochures, magazines, your website, LandsofAmerica, LandWatch, LandFlip, Land Broker MLS, and hundreds of other classified websites. Not to mention posting and getting shares on social media. So much opportunity for distribution of your marquee ranch photo or all the photos. Why not take 10 minutes to enhance the imagery and deliver an electric visual of the property you represent?

Fotor photo editingFirst up we found a power packed photo editor that works on both desktop and mobile devices – Fotor.

From their website: This company has brought powerful, easy to use photo editing tools into the hands of anyone and everyone with an internet connection. Fotor has made professional-level photo editing accessible to everyday users through a clean, intuitive interface and workflow. Fotor strives to provide the highest quality tools in the most accessible manner and continues to pursue this goal with each new product and version release.




Our favorite features include:

  • State-of-the-art photo processing engine
  • Adjust exposure, brightness, contracts, and more
  • Crop, straighten, rotate, and resize
  • Add borders and frames
  • Create a collage
  • Tilt-Shift meaning it gives images the depth-of-field normally only on pro-grad cameras. Critical for long views on ranch properties.
  • 1-click enhancement options
  • Ability to import and export a wide range of image formats
  • Effects and borders. We’ve all seen this on instagram, but now available to you for any photo
  • Text overlay on images

Overall Fotor provides a high power photo processing engine, but what we use 90% of the time is their 1-click enhancements or effects. Super cool result and highly recommended for website and social media photos.

Canva graphic design appOver to our other favorite photo editor, Canva, that is really built as a graphic design app that anyone can use. Photo editing is limited compared to Fotor, but if you are the 1-click photo editor then this will be plenty of horsepower. Canva positions themselves as “Amazingly Simple Graphic Design” which we couldn’t agree with more.

With Canva you can design flyers, presentations, Facebook covers, blog graphics, business cards, posters, invitations, and much more. The team here at RealStack constantly uses it for social media mini-infographics and art for our clients.

One of the best offers from Canva is the stock photography and graphics that come with this FREE online application. That’s right, Canva is free. You only pay for the stock photos you use (if any) and even at that they are only $1 per photo. Super awesome deal.

Our favorite feature is all the thousands of free template designs for just about any use. They’ve already built the art with awesome color palettes, typeface, icons, badges, design elements, and more. We consistently use this product for social media posts and blog content graphics. Canva is an asset to RealStack and our clients. Check it out at

We know these two awesome tools will help your ranch land marketing look better and become more efficient. Enjoy!

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7 Keys to Improving Email Marketing for Land Brokers

Email marketing for land brokers can be the lifeblood of your real estate marketing. The demographic of these buyers of land have spent the last 30+ years living out of their inbox. Email is likely one of the first things they check after they awake in the morning and often times the last check before going to bed. Throughout the day the frequency of checking email is almost constant, especially now with everyone having a smartphone in their pocket. According to a study out of the University of British Columbia, the average person checks email 15 times a day. The study also showed that 92% of U.S. adults use email to communicate with others and 183 billion emails are sent and received each day (66,795,000,000,000 each year).

Needless to say you need to be doing email marketing and doing it really well. So, we are going to start by helping you with these 7 email marketing tips for land brokers:

1. Design for Mobile

Land Broker Email Mobile DeviceDid you know that almost half of email opens are now happening on mobile devices? The great folks over at published some eye catching trends they’ve captured in email opens over 4 years.

Email opens on mobile devices were barely a blip on the radar in 2011, and made up just 8% of email opens. Then, fast forward to 2014 and nearly half of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets …that’s a 500% increase in just four years!

Based on some adjustments Gmail has made recently to their webmail, mobile, and desktop, Litmus calculated adjusted figures that open rates are 22% for desktop, 25% for webmail, and 53% for mobile. Of the mobile opens, 41% were on Apple iPhone & iPad and 7% on Android devices.

So the action item for land brokers is craft your emails in “mobile responsive” templates. What is mobile responsive? It is a web design aimed at building sites and emails for the most optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. Now, email templates can’t truly be mobile responsive as they still have to adhere to older coding methods to be compliant with email clients (i.e. Microsoft Outlook), but the images can scale and the entirety of the email should be easily read on a mobile device.

Almost all modern email marketing platforms provide mobile friendly templates you can customize, so ditch that old email layout you’ve been using for 5 years and move to a mobile responsive design.

2. Lead with imagery

As land brokers, you sell an extraordinarily enchanting product. Since that is a given, let’s maximize the visual appeal of your highly sought after and dreamed of product.

The header can be brokerage branding or a featured property photo with your brand watermark, BUT do now put a bunch of clickable links in the header. You’ve spend many hours pulling together this email to either feature 1 listing or a group of listings, but you’ve now distracted the email recipient with large amount of links to other sections of your website. Email 101: every email must have a purpose so stick with that purpose. If you want them to focus on 1 ranch or a small group of ranches, only offer links to those specific listings in the email.

3. Small photos just don’t cut it

Too often I see land broker emails with thumbnail photos and feature highlights. Use larger photos and even cut the content down a bit if it means having larger photos displayed. Also just as important as larger photos, use enhanced photos to get more attention and clicks. There are many easy to use photo enhancement products available, so take advantage of this simple enhancement to your ranch land photos. Two good ones are Fotor and Canva.  Notice the example in #4 below has multiple photos large enough to get a viewers attention versus photos 1/4 the size of those below.  The standard email width is 600 pixels so when possible use 600px photos in your email.

4. Multiple Photos where Possible

Next, when the email campaign includes one or a small number of listings, include multiple photos of each property. Pictures say so much more than text. Pictures with a caption enable you to compliment the photo. With captions don’t just state the “feature”, but instead craft a statement that is intriguing. I also suggest putting links on every photo for a listing in the email campaign that directs the user to the ranch listing on your website.

Ranch land photos

5. Show highlights, spare the details

Land brokers as a whole seem to lead with product features. Thinking in features of the product (land) is the default first thought. As an industry we have to sell value and that value is the experiences a piece of land offers your buyer. So, why do we lead with acreage, price, and price per acre? Why can’t we lead with “abundant quail and deer population”, “legacy ranch property”, “turn-key sporting property”, “magnificent topography and views”, “family retreat and outdoor recreation”, etc. In an email campaign, value get’s buyers attention. Price and acreage immediately rules out or in the property for the buyer before you’ve ever had a chance to sell the value. Lead with value then features.

6. Create multiple links to your website listing page

Within any email campaign you have many opportunities to create links back to your website and listing. Use all of them – photos, text, and buttons. You don’t know what will spark someones interest enough to click to view more. Maybe it is the photo of large whitetail deer buck, equestrian barn, live water, children playing, or a call-to-action button. You don’t care how they get to the listing on your website, you just want them to get there.

7. Use Call-to-Action Buttons

This point is probably the most overlooked best practice in land broker email marketing. People will respond to a call-to-action (CTA) button over text link. Research shows most people scan email campaigns rather than reading them word-for-word, so that means buttons stand out to the skimmers. Buttons stand out because:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Color
  • Whitespace

Finally, a CTA button is exactly as it’s name suggests …an “action”. Experiment with your own action statements, but here are a few we consistently use for land brokers:

  • View more photos
  • Download Brochure
  • Contact Us
  • Visit Listing Online
  • Learn More
  • Check out Listing Here

CTA button examples:




We’ve given you 7 easy action items to improving your email marketing for your brokerage and most importantly your landowners. We trust you’ll put these to use in your next email campaign that will wow the client.

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