2021 New Feature Highlights

New features have been pouring out faster than we can announce them!  Instead of building one massive list of new features, we wanted to at least announce a few.

Share Listings on Facebook
You can now easily share your listings on Facebook from within REALSTACK.  From the “View Listings” table, simply click the action menu to the right of the intended listing and click the menu option “Share on Facebook.”  Follow the steps within the Facebook pop-up and you’re done.  For a step-by-step guide, view this help article.

Approval system
If your brokerage would like to proof listings before they get published on your website and go out through feeds, now you can in REALSTACK!  Turn on the Listing Approvals feature and users will then set the listing status to “Request Approval.”  Designated approvers will be notified via email and the approval process will begin.  Follow the links below in steps 1 & 2 to get started.

Step 1 – Listing Approvals Setup
Step 2 – Listing Approvals Process

Lead Notification Emails Updated
A number of updates have been applied to the lead notification emails.  Listing information has been expanded, lead information has been expanded, lead email address is now clickable for easily replying to leads, and lead metadata is now embedded for external systems to accurately read the lead information from the email [view lead metadata article].

How to Create Contacts & Assign Activities to other Users

New video is out on how to create contacts and assign activities to other users in REALSTACK.  Maybe you take phone leads and need to get the detailed information to your agents …this is the video to show you how to accomplish this AND have the ability to report on these leads being logged.

Video script
This video will cover creating contacts and activities for other REALSTACK users. A common scenario is receiving inbound calls from leads on a property for another agent or broker. It is best if you are logged in as a Client Admin user, but these steps can also be applied when logged in as a Client User role in REALSTACK.

The common scenario is an inbound call to the main office phone number asking questions or requesting information about a property your brokerage has available for sale.

When the call comes in, the first thing you will do is search for an existing contact already in the system for that listing rep or user.

From the View Contacts table, select the dropdown filter for users and select the user who is representing the listing. In this case, “Chad Polk”. Then search in the text box filter for the contact who called in. In this case, search “Brett” such as Brett Farve. The Brett Farve contact does not exist for Chad Polk user so I’ll go ahead and create the contact now.

On the left navigation menu, click “Add Contact”.

On the Add Contact form, make sure the “Assigned to” drop down has “Chad Polk” as the user so that he will be able to have full access to viewing this new contact AND will get the email notification that a contact has been assigned to him.

We’ll quickly fill out the Add Contact form and click Submit.
Next step is to log the completed activity for the inbound call that you took. Click the “Add” link in the top right of the Activity Stream so that the activity will auto associate with this contact here.

Begin to fill out the Activity form.

Make not of the “Assigned to” field defaulting to you. Leave this assigned to you because you were the user who took the call and is logging the completed activity.

Type a short subject of the activity, set the date as today since the call just happened, set the activity type to “Call” because it was an inbound phone call, the status defaults to completed.

In this scenario it is not necessary to worry about the Account field, but you see the Contact is already pre-populated for you because we were originally on the contact detail screen for Brett Farve. We don’t have a deal yet and next you can associated this activity to the listing “Circle Bar P” because that was the property Mr. Farve was interested in.

Input any notes you may want to reference.

Set the source to “Website” because Mr. Farve referenced seeing this new listing on your website. And Conversion isn’t necessary on an inbound phone lead activity.

Click Submit & Create Another Activity button so this current activity will be logged and then you can assign the next open activity to Chad Polk to call Mr Farve back.
Now you’ll see a green confirmation message at the top that your previous activity was saved or logged and we can move on to create an open activity assigned to the listing rep Chad Polk.

First the Assigned to field will need to be “Chad Polk” so that he gets the email notification of an activity assignment and when he logs into REALSTACK he will be able to see this activity that was assigned to him.

We’ll create a quick subject that is informative.

Suggest a due date.

Activity Type should be set to whatever you are suggesting the listing rep to do. In this case, we’ll suggest to call the lead back.

Notice the status defaults to “not started”.

The next column has all the previous activity related fields still populated.

Add your notes for information and guidance to Chad Polk in the notes field.

Source and conversion are not necessary in this instance.

So at this point Chad Polk should have received a notification for:

  • The contact being assigned to him, and;
  • The activity being assigned to him as “Not Started”.

This simple process is an excellent alternative to receiving inbound phone calls and typing all this information in an email. The benefits of entering and assigning information in REALSTACK are:

  1. Logging of inbound calls is streamlined
  2. You have a detailed record of this new lead and activity for reporting
  3. Listing reps are efficiently notified of inbound leads the brokerage is generating for them
  4. And most importantly, the brokerage marketing paid for that lead and they’ll be able to add this new lead to future marketing campaigns such as email newsletters and more.

What we’ll do next is look at what the listing rep will see …

First you’ll see the email notification of the Contact assignment with all the contact information you provided.

Next you see the email notification for the Activity assignment with all the contact and activity information you provided.

Ultimately what the listing rep is able to do is click the “Activity” link towards the top of the email and view this activity in their REALSTACK account.

From this Activity Detail screen the listing rep will be able to click the edit icon in the top right corner and mark this activity completed at the appropriate time.

If you have additional questions about creating contacts and activities for other users, email support  @  realstack.  com

New Land Broker Software Features Review

The days are moving crazy fast at REALSTACK.  We’ve built a ton of new land broker websites and added countless features.  Here are just a few:

New Features

All Properties MapViewMapView – Ever wish you had an aerial map of all your available properties on your website?  Introducing our all properties MapView.  Not only can you display all your available properties, but we can also display sold properties.  [Read the full article about MapView here]

Tags – With the new tags feature, you can group and categorize your properties in ANY way you choose on your website.  Would you like to have webpages for waterfowl property, deer hunting land, big game property, elk hunting, mule deer hunting land, neighbors public land, subdivision/community/development, region, or other?  Now you can with collection tags with REALSTACK’s land brokerage websites.

Track Listing Views – REALSTACK website system is now tracking listing views.  Track how many views each property gets and share it with your sellers.  See the views on the Listing Performance Report.

Listings Search Box Now Searches More – Within the application, the text search box for listings now searches acres, county, state, listing rep, listing type, listing status, listing ID, and more.

New Feed to FarmandRanch.com – Our LandSync product now integrates with FarmandRanch.com meaning if you have an account with them, just let us know and we’ll feed your listings automatically.  Keep all your listings in sync with REALSTACK.

Private Label Comps PDFs – In the LandVault feature (private repository of comps), brokerages can now private label the printable PDF reports with your own logo.  Your company logo can now display on reports such as Listing Comp Detail and Comp Sales Report.

MapView of Comps – The same MapView technology that runs on brokerage websites is also available in LandVault comps system.  View all your comps or a filtered list of comps on the aerial map with listing details.

Autogenerated Comps – Previously in REALSTACK, you could create a comp from a sold listing manually.  But now brokerages can set sold listings to autogenerate a comparable.  Super handy for large brokerages handling 100s of listings.

Lead Forms Spam System – A new contextual spam filtering system has been crafted by the development team.  This proprietary software now can filter on topical phrases and words to virtually eliminate website lead spam.  This filter also incrementally gets smarter everyday by increasing its phrase match technology.

Notifications System – We introduced a new email notification system for our users to receive lead notifications, task assignment, listing assignments, and other general alerts.  These nicely formatted emails include direct links to the record in your account such as activity or lead.

General Updates

Search bar listing types dynamic – The search bar on our land brokerage websites just got better.  The listing types dropdown listbox is now dynamic based on the listings you have available.

Opt In Added to Website Lead Forms – All land brokerage website lead forms now have an opt-in checkbox for any website lead to join your email newsletter list.

PDF Maps Now Open in New Tab (vs download) – Previously when a website visitor would click on a map button it would automatically download the PDF.  We changed it to now open in a new browser tab instead.  Users are still able to download/save the PDF if they choose by clicking the download icon in their favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc).

Features Coming Soon

  • Similar Properties on Websites
  • Featured Photos
  • Custom Map Pin Colors on all Properties MapView
  • Listing Rep Photo on Listing Detail Contact Form


Have questions?  Reach out to our team online here.

All Properties MapView Just Released

Providing a map view of your properties on your brokerage website is a huge value add to your prospective clients and website visitors.  Now with REALSTACK’s MapView feature, clients are able to display all their properties dynamically on an aerial map. Best of all, our current brokerages don’t have to do anything more than what they are doing today.  If your listings are in your REALSTACK account then they will automatically appear on your MapView.

Why is the map view of your properties important?

  1. Prospective buyers – they may be looking for properties by region or even the state and the new properties map provides this ability.  Website visitors can see all your properties on an aerial map, zoom in/out, drag the map in any direction, and even see the property boundaries if you’ve loaded the KML from your MapRight account.  That’s right, property boundaries can be displayed.  Buyers can interact with the map as well by clicking on a map marker to see a quick view of the property, then view the listing or download a brochure right from the map.
  2. Prospective sellers – displaying your properties on a map gives you several advantages: show a future seller all the great properties in one map view, demonstrate you are an advanced brokerage that leverages technology to market their property in the best ways, and see other properties you have for sale in their area.

All Properties MapViewKey features:

  • Property boundaries display for each listing when available
  • State boundaries for any US state
  • County boundaries for all 3,000+ US counties
  • On-click listing quick view window
  • Map clusters based on zoom level to group nearby properties.  Clusters become map markers as user zooms in
  • Fully mobile response and excellent user experience on mobile devices
  • Drag or swipe technology to move map view in any direction
  • Fast load time of aerial map tiles, listings, and boundaries on desktop and mobile

Fully Integrated into REALSTACK

The advantages of a fully integrated platform are plentiful, but having your all properties MapView in sync with your listing management system makes your life even easier.

Available Properties: when you update listings in your REALSTACK account, they are immediately updated on your properties map view.

Sold Properties: yes, we can also integrated the MapView with your sold properties.  Each sold property can be displayed on the aerial map with the same level of detail as when the listing was available for sale.

Sales Comps: The MapView is also used in our LandVault sales comps repository.  You guessed it, all the comps in your REALSTACK account will be display on a map with the same full feature functionality as seen on your brokerage website.  Even when you do a comps search, the map will display those search results on an aerial map inside REALSTACK.

Want to see more of the REALSTACK platform for land brokerages?  Request a demo with one of our land broker consultants.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

How To Video : Land Sales Comps


Video Transcript

Wanted to show you the new LandVault system from REALSTACK. LandVault is a private repository of comps for your brokerage, meaning only those within your brokerage can search and view these comps and even then you can set restrictions on who can see certain comparable sales listings.

We’ll start by clicking “Comparables” on the left navigation here.

The main use for LandVault is “Search Comps”. From within here you are given criteria to choose from for an accurate set of comparable listings.

For this demo example we’ll select Texas then Stephens County. For listing types you can see all the types we support, then see acreage ranges, price ranges, sale dates, and even with/without house or waterfront.

For demonstration purposes we are just going to leave the search criteria as is.

First bit of information are the summary boxes here. Average days on market is helpful in understanding the typical sales cycle when priced properly.

The average asking price per acre is at $3200 and average sale price per acre is at a little over $2,800 which works out to about a 10% variance between the asking and sale price.

The next row of summary boxes provides land value prices per acre. We calculate these stats by subtracting out the improvement values on this property and calculate the land value. So if it has a home or homes, cabin, barns, etc we are able to subtract those from the overall value to get down to the raw land price per acre.

***Before we scroll on, we should point out the ability to download this full Search of Comps into a PDF. Super valuable because this search can be printed off or emailed to someone. Typically these PDFs are used during meetings as you’re trying to get a listing with the prospective seller. It builds credibility that you are able to not only show these comps but also bring them to the meeting. NOTE: these PDFs can be private labeled meaning you can add your own branding or brokerage logo to these. Will show you how to do this shortly.

As you scroll further down you see a MapView of the comparables in the search results. Super handy view. You can drag and zoom the map and even view in full screen mode. As you click on any of the map pins, you get the top line comp detail information with calculations.

The last section on the page is the data view of the comp listings. They are displayed in the table here. You see all the calculated values in the table such as the sale price per acre, asking price per acre, and then the percentage difference between ask vs sale price. More information as you scroll right.

There is also an action menu to the far right. You can remove comps from result list which would recalculate all your numbers, print details for a comp, or edit the comp.

Let’s take a quick look at the downloaded comp detail PDF. Typical use for this PDF is sending it to you prospective sellers or current sellers.

Back to the Search Comps screen …you can also download a spreadsheet of these comps in the search results and also print it from your browser. So we’ll go ahead and print it here. This is helpful if want to actually print it out or Open PDF in Mac Preview and save as PDF. You could send that PDF of comps over to a seller.

Probably the most common use of the Search is to download the CSV or spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is easy to copy and paste into another document such as broker opinion of value OR you can add your own calculations to the spreadsheet cells as needed.

Moving on, quick note is you are able to view all your comps on a map view here from the left nav, but I won’t click it as you’ve already seen this MapView on search comps. But if you have 20 comps or 200 comps, they would show on this MapView. Pretty impressive to pull that out during a pitch meeting with a prospective seller. Huge credibility.

So how do all these comps get here?
#1 – you can add a comp directly, or;
#2 – the listings in your realstack account can be marked sold and saved as a comparable, or;
#3 – let realstack create comparables for you automatically. You can simply setup the auto-create comps from your account admin screen. So when a listing is marked sold, realstack will check your account for sold listings each night and create them for you if you’ve not already created the comp yourself. Nice convenient feature.

Bouncing back to one of my points earlier, this logo section is where you can private label your PDF reports so your brokerage logo will display.

Continuing back to comps list, I can click on the property title to view a detail screen. It will show me all the data we’ve captured for this comp, interactive map, video, etc. You’ll see the dwellings, improvements, land uses for different parcels or parts of the property, crops, minerals, and PDF maps.

How do I edit this comp? You can edit it from several places, but while on the detail screen you can click this edit pencil.

One of the first things you see is “Team View”. What is team view? Within your brokerage you have the ability to share all these comps with the team, but on individual listings you are also able to control visibility. You could set Team View to no so only you and admins could see the comp listing.

Other comp attributes you’ll see are sale type, access type, listed date, sale date, acreage, asking price, original price ….a lot of good information here.

Scrolling on you can add Land Use with type, acres, assign a value, soil types and more. But it also support multiple land use by adding records.

This also supports crops and minerals if any.

2 main items frequently used are dwellings and improvements. You are able to add multiple for each type as well, such as 2 houses and 3 barns.

Next up you’ll see the PDF maps section …I’ll mention this because if the comp was created from a realstack listing it will bring over the PDF maps to the comp when created. Very handy. Also, you could upload the PDF maps if needed too.

LandVault by REALSTACK is really helping our brokerages track and win more new listings. Having this data at your fingertips is invaluable in today’s competitive rural land industry.

For a full demo or to have your questions answered, request a demo with one of our marketing consultants at realstack.com.

Please leave a comment down below and like the video!

Winter Release : New Features Added

We’ve continued to build useful features into the latest version of REALSTACK.  Check out the list below and learn what may help your brokerage.

New Features with REALSTACK

MapView ClustersMapView of Properties : this new feature has been a huge hit.  With our land broker websites, our client brokerages can now display all their properties dynamically on an aerial map view.  This allows your website visitors to search and view your properties by map.  Pretty cool!  And we took things a step further to enhance the users experience with the:

  • Property quick view window to display property highlights, photo, brochure download, and link to property detail
  • Display of state and county boundaries
  • Display of property boundaries
  • Marker clustering based on map zoom level
  • Auto center & auto zoom map view based on dynamic set of properties
  • Mobile use and experience is absolutely impressive

See an example map here: https://legendary.land/land-for-sale-map/

More details, information, and videos to follow for the new MapView feature.

MapView with Property Boundaries

Photo Viewer : our property photo gallery viewer has received a few updates to again improve the website visitors experience.  Land brokers are in the imagery business and we want to maximize the size and look for you as much as possible.

  • Photo width setting added to maximize photo size based on average screen sizes
  • Mobile view photo size setting added to maximize the photos on mobile devices
  • Integrated the property video into the photo viewer.  Now the video will be the first media a website visitor will see for a property when available.
  • Photo gallery pop-up on click to maximize the photo experience even more.  Visitors have full control of flipping through photos, the thumbnails, and more.
  • Enhanced photo loading speed on the property detail page
  • Improved mobile experience with full screen photo viewing

Photo Viewer Mobile

Share Your Properties on Social Media : you likely don’t know what Open Graph tags are, but you use them for sure.  We’ve now added Open Graph to brokerage website listings so that when you share on Facebook, Twitter and other sites it will displayed the featured photo, title, description and more.  Simply copy the property URL from your website and paste into the social post …photo and information appear automatically. Share away!

Property SEO Update : Our website clients now have the ability to input custom meta information for your properties such as page title and page description.  This is what displays on search results with Google.  We’ve also added a properties sitemap to brokerage websites for optimal search crawls by Google.

Google Meta Title

Similar Listings Display : now on property detail pages, we can display similar listings widget to cross promote other properties.  This helps to increase page views and time on site.

Featured Listing Display : we’ve added ability to display feature listings anywhere on the website, not just the homepage.  This is cool because your most prized listings have the opportunity to get more views and clicks.

Recently Sold Listings Displayed with Available Listings : property list web pages can now display sold properties mixed with available properties.  We’ve included a setting for number of days to show sold listings – now brokerages are able to display sold listings along with active listings AND set a limit on date of sold listings to display.  For instance, you can show properties sold in recent 90 days along with your available properties.

If you have questions or feedback about any of our new features you can contact us through our website or call anytime.

Oh, and did we mention released a bunch of new brokerage sites recently?  Here are a few to check out:

All New Website Platform for Land Brokerages

Announcing the latest brokerage website technology advancement in the land industry.

Farm & Ranch Website DesignREALSTACK has just launched an innovative land brokerage website system to the farm & ranch real estate industry. The creators of the “ONE System” for land brokerages have done it again by seamlessly integrating a complete brokerage website platform with listing management, property feeds, lead management, reporting, and private comparables.

In today’s fast moving land industry, the incredible demand for brokers and agents to increase their online presence as efficiently and as cost effective as possible has land professionals looking for technology solution providers that understand their business. Finally a team of marketers and software developers who get the land business have delivered a land brokerage website system that not only offers unique custom designs, but is packed full of features built just for land professionals.

What is ONE System?

In an increasingly competitive market, land brokerages have been seeking technology solutions that can differentiate them in the market and help them operate more efficiently.

REALSTACK arrived and delivered a robust land brokerage website system that was seamlessly connected to those other core functionalities of every land brokerage; lead management, property feeds, private sales comps, reporting, and more. When a system is unified it means everything is connected and relates; your listings relate to leads, leads relate to listings, website leads go direct into your REALSTACK user account and are tracked, listings are managed in one place, and all agents are within the same system for a cohesive business process.

Not only is REALSTACK a unified software system, but it now offers the leading land brokerage website platform in the industry.

Benefits of REALSTACK’s Land Brokerage Website System

Website DesignThe first of its kind, an affordable and industry leading land brokerage website system with all the key pieces every brokerage should have.

  • Responsive website platform: REALSTACK’s responsive website platform is the most advanced in the industry. Our platform (as Google recommends) is completely responsive across all desktop and mobile devices which improves SEO, increases lead conversions, and improves client experience.
  • Real-time listing updates: when you click save in your REALSTACK listing management tool, the update is on your website immediately. No feeds or waiting until tomorrow to see a new or updated listing on your website.
  • Leads go direct into CRM: when a lead from your website fills out a form, he or she is immediately saved into your REALSTACK user account, associated with a listing, activity automatically logged, and lead source is saved.
  • Maximize your lead conversion opportunities: REALSTACK comes out of the box with advanced lead conversion forms every brokerage needs such as property contact forms, subscribe to newsletter, brochure download, individual agent contact form, sell your property, buy a property, and contact us. System is also flexible enough for us to create custom lead forms as needed.
  • Property collections: collections are groupings of properties based on a criteria. With the new land brokerage website system, brokers are able to easily display property collections on a web page such as by county or several counties, state or states, any price ranges, property type(s) and more. Ranch buyers shop in all different ways, why not help them easily find what they are looking for?
  • Broker and agent direct contact forms: gone are the days of a website lead going to a general email address and you not getting your lead for days if at all. With our website system, agents have website leads go direct to their email inbox and saved into their CRM immediately.
  • Broker and agent individual profile pages: with REALSTACK websites each team member can get their own individual web page complete with their photo, profile write-up, listings, social links, and contact form. This is a huge value for SEO and team members credibility.
  • Gated brochure downloads: with all website editions, website visitors have to provide their email address in order to get your most premium content, the property brochure. This is a way to track leads for a listing and build your email marketing list. The lead is created inside the listing reps REALSTACK account and associated with the property.
  • Google Analytics reporting suite: REALSTACK leverages Google Analytics enterprise reporting to incorporate into any website for gather valuable marketing data. Measuring website performance by device, demographic, geolocation, or interest are all available to brokerages.
  • Manage featured listings: every brokerage has signature properties that need the most visibility. In the listing management tool, you are able to easily select or update your featured listings to display on your website at any time and they update on your website immediately.
  • Video integration: video can be a lot of effort and getting these videos on your website listings has never been easier. Through the listing management tool, simply add the video embed code from YouTube or Vimeo and it will display with the listing on your website.
  • Interactive maps integrated: maps are a high priority in our business and REALSTACK automatically displays your interactive maps from MapRight and TerraStride with each listing automatically. Simply copy and paste the embed code and save. Not using an industry maps provider? No problem. Our system displays Google Dynamic Maps with the satellite layer automatically of the exact latitude longitude when an embedded map is not available.
  • SSL: Google made encryption a big deal in Summer 2018. Any website without SSL (https) will now display a “Not Secure” message in the Chrome browser and this browser has 60% market share worldwide currently and growing. Just one other item you can check off the list because it comes standard with REALSTACK.

Uniquely Packaged for Any Brokerage

No two land brokers want to look the same and everyone wants a brokerage website to live up to a brand standard. REALSTACK has built a system and process to deliver unique websites for each brokerage client within budget. The versatility to cover the entire spectrum of land professionals is impressive.

To best serve everyone in the land industry from agent websites to massive land brokerages and everyone in between, REALSTACK has come up with a set of packages to meet each clients needs with customization as the standard.

The Agent Package is just what an individual land professional needs. Sleek design and personal branding, his or her own properties listed with property detail pages, profile information, and contact form. Plus many of the base REALSTACK software features come standard.

The Brokerage Package is a great starting point for mid-sized brokerages with a few brokers and/or agents. Uniquely designed, this package includes multi-page site to introduce your brokerage, display property lists and details, market your services, and gives website visitors the ability to connect with you online.

The Pro Package offers mid to large brokerages the horsepower you need to stand out in the market and gain marketing efficiencies with your team. This package includes everything from the Agent and Brokerage packages plus featured listings, listing search, sold listings, additional web pages, individual agent web pages with agent listings and contact form, listing collections, and more.

Still need more? Is your brokerage considering advanced customizations or unique website experiences? REALSTACK loves pushing software to its limits and we have a team of developers and designers that have built plenty enterprise websites. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Time You Stepped Up Your Game

Farm & Ranch Website DesignWith the new land brokerage website platform arriving in the industry, REALSTACK has eliminated all the hurdles and pitfalls of building a new website from scratch. No longer do you have to build listing & photo management, property list pages, property detail layouts, photo galleries, obscure integrations, and then have to maintain the website month-after-month. The core features for any land brokerage website have already been built, you just have to make them your own with your unique brand and ideas.

Heard enough and want to talk websites now? Request a demo tour of brokerage websites and our platform at https://realstack.com/request-demo/

Learn more about REALSTACK’s land brokerage websites at https://realstack.com/

How-to Connect Google with Your REALSTACK

We just released a new video to help our users easily connect Google with their REALSTACK user account.  Why connect Google?  REALSTACK offers a powerful feature, LeadCollector, which can automatically collect your leads from online advertising websites such as Lands of America, LandWatch, Realtor.com, and many more.  Not only does it collect the lead, but it will also associate the lead with the property they are interested in.  Now our users can view all of the leads for any individual property on one screen.  Connecting a users Google account enables this incredible technology.

If you’d like to learn more about our revolutionary land brokerage website platform, request a demo and see it for yourself.  For our users, enjoy the how-to video here …

Video Transcription:

Welcome to another How-to REALSTACK guide

This video will help you connect your Google and REALSTACK accounts to take advantage of collecting your leads from various online property advertising websites.

LeadCollector is a revolutionary feature offered by REALSTACK to collect your leads from online property websites and save them into your REALSTACK account automatically. Plus, the leads are associated with the related property so you can see all the leads for each of your listings.

Note: this feature requires that you already have a Google account setup, plus this Google account will need to be the email attached to all your online advertising websites. Also, this process is a bit easier if you’ve already logged into your Google account on your current internet browser you’ll be working in for this setup …such as Chrome or Safari.

Let’s get started.

This process has 2 simple steps.

STEP 1 = Connect your Google account to your REALSTACK account.

– after logging into REALSTACK …click your name in the top right corner > then click My Profile.

– Scroll to the bottom of this profile screen and click the Google switch to YES.

– Confirm that you want to connect your Google account with realstack.

– Follow the on-screen Google wizard until you return to a REALSTACK screen. When successful you will see a message “Google account has been connected”.

Now for STEP 2 = Setup Google as a Connected App

– Click your name in the top right corner > then click Apps Import

– From the Add Importer drop-down listbox in the top right of your screen, click Gmail

– Select the check box next to each source that you have your properties advertised with.

– Then click Submit to save your settings.

– You should see a confirmation message that the Gmail apps importer has been added.

The automated collection of leads through REALSTACK’s LeadCollector is powerful for brokers, agents, and marketers for many reasons. You will now be able to see the leads for each listing and marketers will be able to continue building the email marketing list for long-term lead nurturing.

For additional help, email support@realstack.com.

REALSTACK : New Features Round-up

The team at REALSTACK has been locked away working in a dark room cranking on new products and features, but we still managed to add some helpful features and fixes in recent weeks requested by clients. We’ll always keep listening no matter how busy we are conquering the world.

New Features:

Lands of America feed now runs every 3 HOURS!!! Yes, you read it correctly.  REALSTACK is the industry’s first to offer continual daily updates to your Lands of America properties through our robust feeds platform.  That means your listing updates get published on LandsofAmerica.com within a maximum just several hours.  Bam!

New reports now LIVE! We are capturing so many leads for clients that we had to build more reports.  The platform now has 3 categories of reports: Leads, Listings, and Deals.


  • Leads by Date
  • Leads by Listing
  • Leads by Source
  • Leads by Conversion Type


  • Listings Performance Report – single page view for individual listing leads, showings, campaigns, deals, and more.


  • Deals by Date
  • Deals by Stage
  • Deals Aging

All tables now maintain state – what is “maintain state”?  Well when you chose a filter and/or sort on the listings table, navigate to another web page, and then return to the Listings table …voila the table still has the same filters and sorts as previously set.

New listing types – “Single Family” and “Lot” have been added as listing types.

Listing type change – “Residential Land” listing type is now changed to “Residential Property”.

New help & setup options

Help & setup additions – We’ve started a YouTube video channel and playlist with some videos to help you get started with REALSTACK. You’ll see new icons and text now in the top right corner of your screen after you login. Watch some of our vids and let us know what you think AND what videos you want us to create next.


Other Notables & Bug Fixes:

Acreage decimals increased – listing acreage now support 3 decimal places (thousandths) instead of just 2 (hundredths).

Logging Multiple Activities – Submit & Create Another Activity now defaults the activity status to ‘Not Started’.  This is very helpful when completing one activity and then planning for the next follow-up activity.

Create New Contact from Account Detail – previously Contact Address 2 field was not auto-populating from the Account Address 2.  This has been corrected.

Deals table – now displays the Deal Stages in the filter listbox in the order of the sales funnel.

Listings table – now displays the County Name for each listing.

Print preview – the web display of the print preview has been corrected.

Reports menu – with all the new reports, we needed a much better way to categorize and organize the reports.  Reports navigation now has a menu tree which has 3 child navigation menu items with sub-items for each report.  Enjoy!

Activities on Listing Performance Report – a bug has been corrected where not all the completed activities were showing on the Listing Performance Report for a particular property.  This is now corrected.

Created and modified dates – a handy little addition, now on the listing detail and contact detail screens you will see the created date and last modified date.

Many new features are in the works, but we are always all ears when it comes to client feedback.  If you have a great idea or just a small idea that would help your brokerage, contact us and let us help you even more.