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How to Optimize Your Google Search Results for Land Agents

Why is Googling your name so crucial for land brokers? It is because the first thing people will do after meeting you is Google your name to figure out more about you. It is essential to optimize this tool to give you the best exposure possible.

Google Your Name

Have you Googled your name lately? It’s always good to go and do a check from time to time to see what the search results look like when people search for your name; it can provide valuable insights into how others perceive you online. Imagine you went on a hunting trip. You hung out with a few guys in a duck blind for three days. You met a few folks, and they’re related to so-and-so who’s potentially thinking of selling their property, or they’re looking for property, and the first thing they’re going to do is go home, and they’re going to Google you, and try to get to know who you are. 

The first step is to Google your name, then try different variations of it, such as your name plus “land broker,” “real estate,” or “land agent.” The goal is to see what information comes up and assess whether it aligns with the professional image you want to project. You probably fall into one of three categories depending on what you saw in your results.

Google Your Name Example

Category 1: Cleanup Required

In this category, you may discover that your online presence is generally positive, but there’s room for improvement. You might have profiles on multiple platforms, such as MLS, land marketplaces, and brokerage websites, that need tidying up. Make a checklist of all your online properties and invest some time cleaning up and optimizing them. This ensures potential clients or partners see a consistent and professional online image.

Category 2: The Common Name Challenge

If you have a common name, you may encounter what’s known as “collisions.” This occurs when multiple individuals with the same name compete for search result rankings. To overcome this challenge, use longer-tail search phrases that include your name, such as “John Smith real estate” or “Mary Johnson land agent.” These specific phrases help you stand out among the name clutter in search results.

Category 3: Competing with Celebrities

Unless you’re a celebrity yourself, it’s nearly impossible to compete with them for online visibility. However, you can still enhance your online presence by targeting longer-tail search phrases, as mentioned in Category 2. Incorporating these phrases into your profiles across various platforms increases the likelihood of search engines understanding your professional niche, whether it’s real estate, land brokering, or something else.

Taking Action

  1. Google Yourself: Begin by searching your name and relevant variations to assess your current online image.

  2. Inventory Your Online Profiles: Note down all the online platforms where you have a presence, including MLS profiles, brokerage websites, and online land marketplaces.

  3. Cleanup and Optimize Your Online Profiles: Focus on cleaning and optimizing your existing profiles. Ensure they present a consistent and professional image.

    1. Establish a consistent name, address, phone, and website URL. This may seem obvious, but use the same name on all your online profiles.  This means that if your first name is William, but you go by Bill, then use Bill across the internet because that is how people will search your name online.  If you go by your middle name, but most of your online profiles use your first name, update your profiles to your middle name.  Use the same physical address on all profiles.
    2. Link to your website homepage and/or your agent profile on your website from as many online profiles as possible.
    3. Tune up your personal biography.  It is always good to update your bio every year or so.  Be sure to include phrases such as real estate agent, land broker, ranch broker, land agent, and similar.  Also include location phrases such as the state(s), region(s), and counties you work in.  Google search results are local first, so mentioning these geographic areas helps Google to display you on search results in your area.
    4. Target Longer-Tail Phrases: If you face common name challenges or celebrity competition, use longer-tail search phrases that include your name and professional niche within your bio.  If you are focused on ranches, use Your Name + ranch broker phrase 1-2 times.  If you handle a mix of land and rural residential, use Your Name + land real estate agent.


Carve out a few hours this week to get this done.  It will pay dividends for many years to come!

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