Land Sales Comparables

A private database of searchable land comps for your brokerage

Land Sales Comparables

Searchable Comps Database

Coming up with comparable sales is a chore for you and your entire team. Now there is a place to store all your comparable sales information for your brokerage. You can create comparable sales from your sold listings, other sales in the area, and from appraisals. It also provides the opportunity to save valuable information such as dwelling info, improvements, land use, crops, minerals, utilities, and many more key data points for a comp.

Once you build up a nice database of comps, your team members can all search this database by counties, acreage range, sale date range, and more to get the most accurate information showing per-acre averages for asking price, sale price, land value, and a lot more summary information. Set yourself apart with prospective sellers by backing up what you say with data!


Detailed Comps Information

Full-featured data points and summary information

  • Asking price per acre
  • Sale price per acre
  • Ask versus sale price percentage
  • Days on market
  • Downloadable spreadsheet of sale comp records
  • Average sale price
  • Land value asking price per acre
  • Land value sale price per acre
  • Aerial map of sales comps
  • Downloadable and printable individual sales comp report
  • Sort and filter dataset
  • Full dataset of sales comps listed
  • Printable view of sales comp records
  • Ask versus sale price percentage
  • Downloadable and printable full summary sales comp report

Printable Reports

Impress your next prospective seller with your tracking of local sales comparables and the professional reports complete with your brokerage branding.

Download and print several report views: a full report, individual comp sales detail, listing comps within the filtered results, a spreadsheet of filtered results, and the map.

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