Simple Lead Management

Finally a way to manage leads for land brokers


Save Everyone's Leads in One Place

Your brokerage paid hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing dollars for that lead to convert on your website.  Why not automatically save that lead in a lead management system for future marketing and reference?

Gone are the days of leads going into an agent’s email inbox, never to be seen again.  Your website leads are automatically saved in your REALSTACK profile and associated with a listing they were interested in. You can also bulk upload your leads list or enter them directly.

Even more, you can download your leads at any time and add them to your email marketing list!  Ask about our integration with MailChimp to automatically feed your leads to this email marketing platform.

Lead History Profile

When you look up a contact, you’ll be able to see a complete history of any activities. This allows you to look back at the activity history of showings, meetings, listings they’ve been interested in, offers, and more in an instant.

In many situations, an activity is automatically saved for a lead each time they take action on your website.  Users can also enter activities to document calls, meetings, showings, text messages, and much more.

A Lead's Interested Properties

Knowing which properties or types of properties this lead has been interested in over time can be highly valuable in serving them. In REALSTACK, you’ll be able to see what listings they downloaded brochures, contacted a listing representative, or called into your office to discuss.

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Set To-Dos for Yourself and Others

You just finished up a meeting and need to follow up with a prospective seller in 2 weeks. With REALSTACK’s simple lead management, you can set a to-do item to appear on your list of things to do for that day. You’ll now follow up on time and make an impression on the prospective seller.

What if a phone call comes into the main office about a property, but the agent is unavailable?  Log the call in REALSTACK as an activity and assign a to-do item to the listing representative for that property.  The agent will receive an email notification about the to-do assignment, and it will appear on their incomplete to-dos list in REALSTACK.

to-dos list in REALSTACK
Deals Pipeline

Track your Deals Pipeline

Track your offers through the entire sales cycle.  When you receive an offer on a property, you can add a deal to the listing for great record-keeping, reporting, and being more efficient at scale.  You can also track your pipeline of income or brokerage revenue as a result of knowing the value of all your deals set to close soon. Deals can be tied to a listing, a lead, other brokerage agents, and more.

The deals tracking system within REALSTACK can also be used for transaction management and reporting.  Here are just a few of the items it tracks: buyer rep, seller rep, title company, gross commission, net commission, commission splits, co-listing fees, and much more.

Lead Collector

You get leads from land industry websites, but you only talk to them once, and they are forever gone. With Lead Collector from REALSTACK, our system can automatically capture your leads from, LandFlip, LandWatch, and others and save them in your account plus associate the lead to the listing.

This is a gold mine of new leads to grow your marketing audience. Why not capture them in one system to continue to market to these leads?

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Lead Collector