Reports for Land Brokers

Gain insight into your brokerages' performance

Reports for Land Brokers
REALSTACK Data, Analytics & Reports

Manage and Make Decisions with Data

Information at your fingertips allow brokers and agents alike to manage their book of business to make better marketing decisions in the future. REALSTACK delivers a host of reports to measure results and trends.

These reports bring your data and analytics to life with summary info, charts, graphs, datasets, and other visualizations to make understanding a trend easy.

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Reports for Leads, Listings & Deals

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  • Leads by date
  • Leads by listing
  • Leads by source
  • Leads by conversion
  • Listings performance
  • Listings inventory analysis
  • Listings view and leads
  • Deals by date
  • Commission by rate
  • Deals by stage
  • Deals aging analysis

All Printable Reports

Need to send that report over to a team member? Want to print out a clean report with charts and data? You can now do all this for any report in REALSTACK.

Our printable reports can be downloaded electronically and printed at any time. This is your modern-day reporting system with all the tools you need.

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