MLS IDX Websites for Land Brokers

Start generating more leads for your agents and provide additional value to land buyers

MLS IDX Websites for Land Brokers

Get the Benefits of MLS IDX Websites

IDX websites that display MLS listings on your land brokerage website.

  • Attract more prospective buyers to your website
  • Generate buyer leads for your agents
  • Display your agents on MLS listings
  • Configurable round-robin lead assignment system
  • Toggle between your listings and MLS listings on the same webpage
  • Recruit and retain agents
  • Unified styling and user experience on your website
  • Simple and advanced search features
  • MLS Properties Map Search is also available
  • Create countless listing category landing pages

More Leads from MLS IDX Websites

For agents, creating new relationships with prospective clients is the lifeblood of success in real estate. Any brokerage leadership always looks for ways to generate more agent buyer leads. With an MLS IDX website for real estate agents, you can increase leads for your agents. This ability on your land brokerage website can help attract new agents and retain top-performing agents.

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More Leads from MLS IDX Websites
IDX Lead Routing

Round-Robin Lead Assignment System

You can custom configure the MLS lead routing by putting your agents in one or multiple groups with a set of criteria. When a lead matches the set criteria, the leads are distributed evenly among that group of agents. It’s a win-win for brokerages and their agents. Agents get new leads to build or maintain their income, and brokerages keep their agents fed, which helps the bottom line.

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Create Landing Pages with Listing Collections

Wouldn’t you like to take your website from a handful of pages to thousands to attract potential clients? Now you can with REALSTACK’s expansive listing collections system. Create unlimited categories of listings based on cities, counties, regions, listing types, and more. These result in landing pages that can be used for search rankings, social campaigns, paid search, email campaigns, and general website visitors to find listings on your land broker website.

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More IDX Website Features

Toggle Between Listings

Toggle Between Listings

No need for website visitors to visit a separate page or link to a different system to view MLS listings on your website! With REALSTACK, website visitors can search and view your listings and toggle in one click to the MLS listings on the same webpage.

Simple and Advanced Search

Simple and Advanced Search

A comprehensive search system is a core user experience on a website. With our MLS search, website visitors can search by state, county, zip code, acreage range, price range, listing types, and more.

Unified Website Styling

Unified Website Styling

With REALSTACK, MLS listings are fully integrated into your website, so the user experience and styling are the same across your entire site. Don’t settle for linking to an external MLS system with a completely different style and listings search functionality.

MLS Properties Map Search

MLS Properties Map Search

The industry-leading Properties Map Search from REALSTACK now supports MLS listings. Imagine 1,000s of listings on your property map for a fully immersive experience for your land broker website visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MLS?

It stands for Multiple Listing Service. It is a nationwide network of regional databases for agents to have membership to add and maintain listings for all member agents to view.

What is IDX?

It stands for Integrated Data Exchange. MLS IDX offers service providers licensing to display MLS listings on a brokerage, team, or agent's website. At its foundation, brokers exchange permissions to show one another’s listings on the internet.

What is MLS IDX for realtors?

Often, real estate agents need MLS listings on their website. This type of website is commonly referred to as MLS IDX websites for real estate agents, which is the agreement agents have to display one another's listings on their website.

Can you import my listings into REALSTACK?

No. We are licensed as an IDX service provider, which only allows us to display MLS listings on your website. Importing MLS listings into REALSTACK would require a higher licensing level of VOW (Virtual Office Website).

Can you feed my REALSTACK listings to my MLS?

No. We are licensed as an IDX service provider, which only allows us to display MLS listings on your website.

Can I have more than one MLS on my website?

Yes. Often, brokers or agents are members of multiple MLSs. REALSTACK can integrate one or numerous MLSs onto your website. In some cases, certain MLSs do not allow their listings to be displayed with other MLS listings. In this case, we must structure the website according to this policy.

How much does MLS IDX cost?

Each MLS is priced individually, and monthly subscription prices can vary depending on the MLS. Contact REALSTACK sales for exact pricing for your MLS(s). Setup fees may apply.

Will the MLS listings look like my listings?

The land broker website designs that we create extend seamlessly to the MLS listings on your site. The design will layout, look, and feel the same as your current listings on your website ensuring a consistent user experience throughout the site. Also, your real estate agents are rotated evenly while being displayed on the MLS listings. It is required that we display who the property is listed by and the respective MLSs legal disclaimers.

Are the MLS webpages hosted on my domain or a subdomain?

The MLS webpages and MLS listing collection will all appear on the same domain as your website, i.e. We do not create subdomains for MLS pages, i.e. The MLS pages are also managed on the same land broker website hosting instance as your website.