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Land Broker SEO
SEO for Land Brokers

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Higher rankings on Google mean more traffic to your land brokerage websites and more lead conversions. Are search rankings a mystery to you? You’re not alone, but the search marketing team at REALSTACK has been building rankings for land brokers for years. We know the playbook for better search rankings and the land industry. A combination that puts our land broker clients at a distinct advantage.

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How we do Land Broker SEO

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Keyword Research
Advanced keyword research is the foundation of any search engine optimization initiative for a real estate brokerage. We analyze millions of search phrases to find marketing-defining phrases, geo-specific phrases, long-tail keywords, search volume, click potential, and searcher intent.
Site Audits
We run full website crawls from multiple tools to get an overall health score of your website. Search bots care deeply about crawlability, speed and performance, internal linking, use of markups, security, and more. We can then work on priority errors, warnings, notices, and enhancements to your land broker website.
Backlink Analysis
Existing backlinks to a website can be helping or hurting. Our search team carefully reviews those existing backlinks and sets plans for removing any spammy or negative quality backlinks to your website.
On-Site Optimization
Planning is the most important step to ensure we get results for our SEO for land broker clients. Based on the previous research, audit, and analysis, our land broker SEO team will build a full on-site optimization guide complete with the keyword target for every web page, meta titles, meta descriptions, page titles, H1, H2, and more.
Technical SEO
Based on the site audits and technical strategy, our land broker SEO developers can take action on issues discovered and enhancements that will improve your brokerage's search rankings.
Content Creation
Writer's block, no time, unable to finish …we are here to help with expert real estate writers and creatives. Articles, videos, infographics, memes, market reports, webinars …we know what land and real estate website visitors want.
Know the Industry
Search engine optimization resources are everywhere, but those that know the land business are rare. The REALSTACK SEO team only works for land brokerages, so we know what works and what doesn't for land.
Off-Site Optimization
Once you have the foundation set for on-site optimization, it is time for off-site optimization. This would be other web properties you can optimize for brand building, citation building, content marketing, social media, online directories, and more. Our team is here to set a strategy for off-page tactics to grow authority and organic search traffic
REALSTACK has a results-driven team, meaning our actions are purely targeted at an intended result. SEO for land brokers doesn't have to be a black box. We focus on statistical goals and results that we give to you in periodic reports so that you can measure our success.