Visitor Profile System

Website visitors can create profiles on your website, save listings, and save searches, and get automatically notified when a saved listing changes or new listings match their saved search!

Save Listings, Save Search, and Automatic Notifications

Keep your prospects and clients engaged with your brokerage.

You’ve spent a lot of effort and marketing dollars to get people to your site. Why not offer a tool to create a personal profile on your website so they can save listings or searches? They’ll receive automated email notifications if their saved listings change or a new listing matches their saved search criteria.

Additionally, when visitors log in to your website, they have a dashboard where they can manage all their saved listings and searches, as well as their personal information.

This feature is a great way to keep prospects returning to your website and engaged with your brand. It requires no effort on your part—marketing while you sleep!

Works with your listings and MLS IDX listings.

Manage Personal Preferences

Visitors can organize and manage all their saved searches, listings, and personal information from one spot on their dashboard. This creates a user-friendly experience for all website visitors.

Grow your Marketing Audience

Access your visitor profile members and add them to your email marketing list

When a website visitor creates a profile on your website, they can opt into your email marketing as well. This affords you the opportunity to nurture these prospects over time so you are top of mind when they are ready to buy or sell land.

Are you running paid ads on social media or Google? Download your visitor profiles and run custom audience campaigns to people familiar with your brokerage.

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Fully Compatible with MLS Listings

Expand the saved searches opportunity to thousands of MLS listings

When your land brokerage website has MLS IDX from REALSTACK, the saved searches will also pull matching MLS listings to send to your website members, exponentially increasing your opportunity to represent a buyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Visitor Profile System send saved search notifications for my listings and MLS listings?

Yes, assuming you have MLS IDX on your website. If your new listings or MLS listings match someone's saved search criteria, both sets of listings will be included in the automated email notification to the profile member.

Are there additional fees to have this feature on my REALSTACK land broker website?

Yes, it is an add-on monthly subscription, but there is no setup fee. Call or email our sales team for pricing.

I have a REALSTACK website. How do I get this added to my website?

Call our sales team or email! to request adding the Visitor Profile System to your website. Our development team will enable and configure the feature.