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JOB OPENING : Website Support Agent

Chad Polk

Position: Support Agent

REALSTACK is hiring a Support Agent. With continued, significant growth comes the need to improve our support processes, systems, and service levels. This exciting position will play a critical role in advancing our company into the future. The individual who takes on this compelling challenge will have the opportunity to lead numerous client service initiatives, ultimately augmenting their success, and ours. This career move will afford someone the opportunity to make an impact right away, which begins by being on the front lines with our clients, along with the rest of our team.

About the Position

This position is best suited for someone who is versatile in their use of technology and has a strong knowledge of web-related applications. Proficient communication and writing abilities are other key skills that a successful support agent should have. Knowledge gaps lead to additional conversations, time delays, and decreased clarity. This minimizes the client experience, and undermines our goals. Therefore, the individual selected for this role should be a critical thinker, clear communicator, informative resource, and more. We strive for happy clients, and part of that goal hinges on this position.

Along with great written and verbal communication, it will help to have a working knowledge of HTML for simple client website edits. This makes it easier to describe problems and solutions in proper web tech terminology, which helps our developers to resolve problems quickly. Plus, having a working knowledge of website content management systems (CMS) — such as WordPress — is very important.

Furthermore, the support agent, will work with clients on their WordPress websites, and the REALSTACK software platform that powers these. It will also work with our developers, designers, and executives to improve overall client service processes through technology. This incorporates expanding knowledge bases, improving new client experiences, and more.

The individual will be expected to cover U.S. client work schedules (Eastern to Pacific time zones).
REALSTACK is a fully-remote company, and this is meant to be a remote position, but in-office work is welcomed.

Potential Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to the aforementioned expectations, here are things we’ve worked on recently that provide a sense of day-to-day operations. Consider these examples of potential duties and responsibilities:

  • Preparing videos, how-to articles, and marketing announcements.
  • Creating how-to videos with screenshare recordings of our software.
  • Building a new support portal for hosting how-to articles and videos for self-service, online help.
  • Setting up website data feeds for clients.
  • Helping clients connect G Suite accounts to REALSTACK.
  • Adding self-service support features in our application for client assistance.
  • Adding additional resource webpages (with content) to client websites.
  • Configuring a phone system for inbound support calls with auto attendant, hold routines, and call routing.
  • Conducting webinar trainings for small groups of client administrators on adding real estate listings to our software.

How to Apply

Please submit an application that speaks directly to this position. And remember, a traditional, well-constructed cover letter shows dedication and sincerity. Tell us about yourself and how REALSTACK and its clients might benefit from you.

We’re accepting applications until Friday, November 6, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. (CST). For those who advance to the interview stage, expect two to three interviews with REALSTACK team members. We’ll discuss your work history, your approach to client services, and your overall professional knowledge.

We appreciate your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you.


REALSTACK is a fast-growing software company in the real estate industry. We build custom WordPress websites with our proprietary plug-in and provide our clients a software solution to manage their real estate listings, sales and marketing. As an intentionally small, privately-held company, we only answer to ourselves and our clients. We design our products to help land professionals sell properties more efficiently, and we strongly follow the feedback of our clients.

NOTICE: Nothing in this job posting should be construed as a guarantee of an offer, a promise of employment, or an employment contract.

REALSTACK is an equal-opportunity employer. It does not discriminate based as age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, etc.

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