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All Properties MapView Just Released

Chad Polk

Providing a map view of your properties on your brokerage website is a huge value add to your prospective clients and website visitors.  Now with REALSTACK’s MapView feature, clients are able to display all their properties dynamically on an aerial map. Best of all, our current brokerages don’t have to do anything more than what they are doing today.  If your listings are in your REALSTACK account then they will automatically appear on your MapView.

Why is the map view of your properties important?

  1. Prospective buyers – they may be looking for properties by region or even the state and the new properties map provides this ability.  Website visitors can see all your properties on an aerial map, zoom in/out, drag the map in any direction, and even see the property boundaries if you’ve loaded the KML from your MapRight account.  That’s right, property boundaries can be displayed.  Buyers can interact with the map as well by clicking on a map marker to see a quick view of the property, then view the listing or download a brochure right from the map.
  2. Prospective sellers – displaying your properties on a map gives you several advantages: show a future seller all the great properties in one map view, demonstrate you are an advanced brokerage that leverages technology to market their property in the best ways, and see other properties you have for sale in their area.

All Properties MapViewKey features:

  • Property boundaries display for each listing when available
  • State boundaries for any US state
  • County boundaries for all 3,000+ US counties
  • On-click listing quick view window
  • Map clusters based on zoom level to group nearby properties.  Clusters become map markers as user zooms in
  • Fully mobile response and excellent user experience on mobile devices
  • Drag or swipe technology to move map view in any direction
  • Fast load time of aerial map tiles, listings, and boundaries on desktop and mobile

Fully Integrated into REALSTACK

The advantages of a fully integrated platform are plentiful, but having your all properties MapView in sync with your listing management system makes your life even easier.

Available Properties: when you update listings in your REALSTACK account, they are immediately updated on your properties map view.

Sold Properties: yes, we can also integrated the MapView with your sold properties.  Each sold property can be displayed on the aerial map with the same level of detail as when the listing was available for sale.

Sales Comps: The MapView is also used in our LandVault sales comps repository.  You guessed it, all the comps in your REALSTACK account will be display on a map with the same full feature functionality as seen on your brokerage website.  Even when you do a comps search, the map will display those search results on an aerial map inside REALSTACK.

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