Agent Profile System

REALSTACK Benefits for Land Agents

Micayla Weathers Marketing Coordinator

REALSTACK offers an Agent Profile System for Land Broker Websites! This Agent Profile System delivers agent profile webpages, listing management and monitoring, lead management tools, and benefits to help your land agents be more efficient and grow with your brokerage. 

Benefits for Land Agents

  • Rank on Google for agent’s name and related searches
  • Receive lead notifications within seconds
  • Self-managed profiles for easy and quick updates
  • Linkable from social media profiles
  • Generate more business with MLS lead routing to agents
  • Collaborate better on listings and leads
  • Manage sales opportunities centrally and efficiently

Features & Tools for Land Real Estate Agents

  • Agents and their listings are included in feeds to land marketplace websites
  • Lead assignment, routing, and notifications
  • Listing seller rep assignments
  • MLS round-robin agent display on listings
  • MLS round-robin lead assignment to agents
  • Comprehensive agent profile landing page on the website
  • Display dynamic team members grid on the website
  • Searchable agents by name and state on land brokerage websites
  • Testimonials management system
  • Simple lead management
  • Referencing lead information and conversions
  • Referencing leads and conversions related to listings
  • Track deals (offers) by property and contacts
  • Reports for leads, listing views, and more

Agent Profile Webpages

Using the REALSTACK Agent Profile System, all your agents will get their individual landing page. This is the place for agents to show off who they are and why clients should use them as their agents. Your agents will be able to add:  

  • Headshot, contact info, and bio
  • Display available and sold properties
  • Accreditation badges
  • Specializations
  • Lifestyle photo gallery
  • Client testimonials
  • States Licenced in
  • Social links
  • Click-to-Call throughout website
  • Click-to-Text throughout website
  • Lead contact form
  • Link to agent website

Providing a platform for owners, administrators, and agents to collaborate better and create more efficient processes results in a better-run brokerage that can grow and scale.  Gone are the days of multiple systems for listing management, lead management, sales tracking, deal flow, and reporting.

Take advantage of this opportunity to unify your team and transform your brokerage. Our team is standing by to demo our website system and software.  Request a demo to get the conversation started.

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