How to Use Instagram Insights to Your Advantage as a Land Agent

Micayla Weathers Marketing Coordinator

Once you have learned how to view Instagram insights, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to use all of this data to your advantage. We have put together 5 easy tips to get started. 

Track your Audience Demographics Using Instagram Insights

Once you completely understand your audience, you can shape your content and profile to target the right people. The “Total followers” section of your account insights will take you deeper into your audience. Here, you can understand where your audience resides, their age and gender, and when they are active. You can use this information to tailor your content to the audience you are reaching. For example, if your audience is primarily 35-44-year-old men from Dallas, you can create content with interest on 34-44 yo men from Dallas.  Track-your-Audience-Demographics

Measure Reach and Impressions

Under the “Accounts reached” section of your account insights, it will show you which type of content is gaining the most reach.


The “Accounts engaged” section of your account insights will also show you which type of content gets the most engagement. Measure-Impressions

Here, you can differentiate whether reels, posts, lives, etc., are getting the most attention. Once you have this information, you can use it to post more of your content that is gaining traction to grow your audience.

Measure Reel Watch Time

Once you post a reel, under the insights of your specific post in the “Average watch time” section, link it shows you the average amount of time spent watching your reel. You can use this data to gauge how long you should make your reels. If the average time is 20 seconds, then you should try to make most of your video reels around 20 seconds to get the most reach and engagement. Measure-Reel-Watch-Time

Track Best Posting Times

Post optimization is a great tool to grow your audience and improve your Instagram page. Under the “Total followers” section of your Instagram account insights, you can view your followers’ most active times in hours or days. You can use this information to post during these times to optimize your posts. Track-Best-Posting-Times

Track Story Insights

Once you post an Instagram story, you can view the story insights. Under the “Navigation” section link of the insights, you will find how people navigated your story, skipping it, going to the next, exiting, or returning. Using this data, you can see what is working, which stories people are interested in, and which ones people are disinterested in and exit. Track-Story-Insights

Take Action!

Instagram insights are a powerful tool that can help you grow your business if you use them properly. Go out and track your Instagram data, jot down trends you see, and take action. Do not be afraid to change things up; you will not know unless you try! Listen to the number!

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