Master Instagram Insights for Land Real Estate

Micayla Weathers Marketing Coordinator

Understanding Instagram Insights as a Land Agent

Instagram Insights is a feature on Instagram that allows Instagram Business Accounts to look deeper into the analytics of your profile and posts. Using the data from the insights, you can optimize your posts and profile and improve your Instagram strategy.

The Importance of Utilizing Instagram Insights for Land Real Estate

As land brokers and real estate agents, utilizing social media to promote you and your business has become almost required. Instagram can be confusing with so many different aspects, so we are here to make it easier. Instagram insights offer data and analytics to help measure the impact of your marketing efforts. It will provide you with valuable insights on engagement, your audience, post-time optimization, and much more. To use Instagram insights, you must have an Instagram Business Account. 

Instagram Account Insights

To access your Instagram “account insights,” you will click on your profile in the bottom right corner, then click [insert picture] in the top right cover. Tap on the “Insights ” tab. Once you are here, you have unlocked many valuable insights you can use to your advantage. You can change the days and weeks represented in the data using the top lets drop-down that says “Last 7 Days.”  Let’s dive into it. 


    1. Overview

      Starting at the top in the overview section this will give you a brief rundown of what is going on in your account. This section includes accounts reached, accounts engaged, and total followers. Each subsection can be expanded when clicked on to dive deeper into your account’s analytics.

    2. Accounts Reached

      When you click “Accounts reached” in the overview section, it will take you to another page titled “Reach.”  Here, you will see more specific information about the accounts reaching your account.

      • Accounts reached: Total number of accounts reached as well as broken down between followers and non-followers
      • Impressions: How many impressions you have had on your account in the time frame
      • Content type: How many people interact with the different types of content you post (reels, posts, stories, live, videos)
      • Top content (based on accounts reach): Top posts that have reached the most people, as well as the number of people they reached
      • Profile activity: Number of actions people take when they engage with your profile (profile visits, external link taps, business address taps)
    3. Accounts Engaged

      • Accounts engaged: Total number of accounts that have interacted with your content as well as broken down between followers and non-followers
      • Top content (based on engagement): Top content type with number of interactions, top posts that have the most engagement, as well as the number of interactions
      • Content interactions: Total number of post interactions – between all content types
      • Reels interactions: Number of likes, saves, comments, and shares on your reels
      • Post interactions: Number of likes, saves, comments, and shares on your posts
      • Live video interactions: Number of likes, saves, comments, and shares on your live videos
      • Video interactions: Number of likes, saves, comments, and shares on your videos
      • Story interactions: Number of likes, saves, comments, and shares on your stories
    4. Total Followers

      • Followers: Number of followers and your growth % since the specified date
      • Growth: Number of overall growth, follows, and unfollows during the specified time period
      • Top locations: Top cities and countries of your followers with %
      • Age range: The age range of all your followers can be specified by gender
      • Gender: The gender of all your followers
      • Most active times: Most active times of your followers in hours or days
    5. Content You Shared

      All of the content, posts, reels, stories, videos, and live videos that you have posted during the specified date range

Along with account insights, you can also see insights for all the individual content that you post. This allows you to really see what is working and which posts are doing the best on your page. 

Instagram Individual Post Insights

Individual post insights are found when tapping on which post you want to see insights for and then clicking “View insights” at the bottom of your post. You will find likes, comments, shares, saves, reach, impressions, and more here!

Instagram Reel Insights

Reel insights are found by tapping on the reel you want to see insights for, then clicking the 3 dots at the bottom right corner, and selecting insights. You’ll find plays, likes, comments, shares, saves, reach, interactions, play time, and more!

Instagram Story Insights

Story insights are found by navigating to your story and swiping up, or if it is 24 hours after posting it, going to your archive stories, selecting the story you want to see, and swiping up. You will find likes, shares, reach, impressions, navigation, and more here!Master-Instagram-Insights-Stories

Instagram Live Video Insights

Instagram Live Video insights are found in the insights tab of your profile once you have finished filming the live. Here, you can see likes, comments, views, and much more!

Start learning! 

Now that you have all the tools to learn about Instagram Insights and its offers, you can use them to elevate your business and social media accounts. As land brokers and real estate agents, social media has been growing, too, and it is vital to use it as best as possible to leverage your business. Once you have become familiar and comfortable with Instagram insights, you can begin to analyze and use them to your advantage. [Click here to learn how to use Instagram insights to your advantage]

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